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Tower Talk: The new German league report

New articles covering the Straubing Tigers of the DEL (German Ice Hockey Legue)

Welcome to the new section of Bottlerocket Hockey!

I started this blog with the idea to cover a fan’s perspective of the Vegas Golden Knights and to this point that is what I’ve done. The fact that I live in Germany, however, makes it difficult to keep up with the day to day dealings of my favorite NHL team.

Therefore, I have decided to restructure the site in order to continue to provide hockey content even while I am so far away. From now on, I will be writing primarily about the Straubing Tigers in English and features on the Knights from time to time, while the other writers here will cover the NHL.

Coop will continue to write for the Caps, Austin for the Sharks and Jeff will cover the Knights when time allows. I have also decided to expand the blog to make it more of a community of writers, so expect more content from other sources in the near future.

I’m excited to start this up again and hope sincerely that you enjoy the content! We do this for the love of the game and we are excited to have you along.

till next time,



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Call me R, that should suffice for now. Convert Catholic American Living in the heart of Europe.

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