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Tower Talk: Williams, Loibl and Zatkoff Extend with Straubing.

Straubing local phenom, League leading goal scorer and solid Starting goalie sign to stay at the Tower.

On the 21st of December, Straubing received a little early Christmas Present: Stefan Loibl is here to stay. The 22 year old Straubing local and German National Team member will play at least one more season with his hometown Tigers.

” It wasn’t a hard decision.” Said Loibl to team media personnel, “I’ve been able to take a lot of responsibility with the Straubing Tigers and have been allowed to take on a leadership role. The whole area and especially my family and friends give me a lot of support. That Support has been very important to me and motivates me.” about what it’s like to continue to play for his home city, Loibl says, “To play for your home city and these incredible fans is of course very special.”

Loibl is a deadly threat down the wing. The speedy Forward looks like he should be in another league.

Stefan has a lot to be happy about this year, the 22 year old has a career high 12 goals so far this season, along with 10 assists for a total of 22 points and only 2 minutes of penalties. He follows his team mates, 34 year old Jeremy Williams ( currently leads the league with 16 goals and is only 6 points behind the league top scorer with 31 points) and Starting Goaltender Jeff Zatkoff (Currently posting a 9.06 SV% with 14 wins in 24 Games) who signed on the 20th.

Jeremy Williams is consistently on the scoreboard and now that he’s staying at the tower, expect the first line to stay deadly.
The former Pittsburgh Penguin and LA King has found a home in Straubing, where he has provided a consistent performance behind the defense.

With Loibl, WIlliams and Zatkoff Locked up, the next targets for re-signing should be Antoine Laganiere and First liners, Mike Connolly and Kael Mouillierat in order to keep the big top six together.

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