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Tower Talk: Straubing wins at home 5-2 against last place Schwenningen

Jeremy Williams continues his tear and Stefan Loibl shows why he’s worth it.

On Friday the Straubing Tigers pulled out a victory against Schwenningen in a fashion that no one saw coming. It should have been all too easy; the Tigers were MUCH stronger on the puck and seemed to have the Wild Wings on the ropes, but this is hockey and hockey isn’t always so cut and dry.

The Tigers came out of the gates swinging and it looked like they earned an early lead with Antoine Laganiere in the crease but after video review it became clear that Laganiere interfered with the left pad of Wölfl and the score would remain 0-0.

The game remained a back and forth until late in the period when Laganiere got his goal back after a great zone entry from newly re-signed Stefan Loibl and an unintentional bank pass from Pfleger off the Goalie’s stick. I’d love to describe this goal to you, but I think its much better to just watch.

Lobl with the carry and Laganiere with the… goal? Such a strange sequence there.

The theme of the first continued in the second period where Straubing was obviously the better team, 2 minutes before the middle point of period two the Tigers played catch in the Schwenningen zone until Sena Acolatse made a great pass onto the tape of Jeremy Williams who was WAY TOO OPEN and proceeded to Walk in on Wölfl and rip a Beauty of a wrister over the shoulder pads for the 2-0 Marker.

You don’t let Jeremy Williams walk in on your tendy like that, guys.

At this point, it appeared that the Tigers were going to walk away with this one and ger lots of rest for their game on Sunday in Wolfsburg, it was not to be so…

As the second period rolled down to under the 8 minute mark, Sena Acolatse leveled nasty hit to the head of Istvan Bartalis who went down hard and more than certainly was concussed on the play… This is a bad look for Acolatse, who has just recently returned from a 4 game suspension for a fight close to the end of regulation in Berlin.

Sena received a match penatly for the action and the Tigers would have to kill off a 5 minute major against one of the better Powerplays in the league right now… It didn’t work out.

After a hard fought first 3 minutes of the 5 minute major, Straubing got trapped in their own end and the Wild wings put on a clinic before Anthony Rech slammed home a bit of a rebound off of Mirko Höfflin’s left circle bid to make it a one goal game.


Höfflin makes Straubing pay for the slashing call while still killing off a major.

Straubing would then take another penalty when Sandro Schönberger was called for slashing with over a minute left on Acolatse’s major from the head hit. Of course, like they often do, the Wings made Straubing pay for it. Mirko Höfflin wound up from the left circle and fired it home off a sweet little pass from Vili Sopanen and just like that things were all tied up at 2-2 heading into the 3rd period.

Continuing the theme from the first 2 periods, Straubing came out hard in the 3rd and within 2 minutes in Williams is standing all alone in the high slot again as the Tigers win possession of the dump in and.. you know how this story ends. Williams, top shelf, 3-2 Tigers.

Just 4 minutes later, the Wild Wings decided that Captain Schönberger wasn’t worth covering and Brandl made them regret it with a beautiful pass which Schönberger proceeded to put around Wölfl for the insurance marker.

Ya, guys… you might want to clear out the front of your crease.

The score would remain the same until close to the end of regulation when Stefan Loibl proved why hes worth the money and beat the Wings back into their zone from behind to set up Sandro Schönberger for an empty netter to bring us to a final score of 5-2.

Man, that kid is quick!

Jeff Zatkoff would pick up his 14th win of the season and the Tigers improve to 17-13-2 on the season

3 things i loved

  • Jeremy Williams, just everything about him. Seriously, he’s unstoppable right now.
  • Stefan Loibl is so good away from the puck. His goal scoring is a great plus side too but his responsibility defensively and his tenacity to win the puck on footraces are his real assets.
  • Jeff Zatkoff looked solid after returning from injury, the two goals were not his fault, these things happen on the powerplay.

3 things i hated

  • Sena’s hit on Bartalis was uncalled for. that stuff needs to stop, instead he should make more beautiful passes to Mr. Williams so we can win games.
  • That i didn’t post this in a timely manner and that the Tigers lost 6-1 in Wolfsburg while I wrote this… its my fault, isn’t it?

Up Next:

  • Merry Christmas, everyone! my next work will be sliding in somewhere next week
  • our team has grown! we will now have regular post games from the Knights side of the house and possible special features coming as well.

Featured Photo Credit: Stefan Ritzinger

All highlights can be found through Telekomm Sport on your Telekomm Sport app.

GIF made possible with DU Recorder and GIF Maker-Editor

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